Content Writing Basics For Success

Sherry Medina / December 19, 2014

Content Writing Tips and Bits For Your Success

About me, as a very successful website owner of my own work from home business, I know perfectly well how important content writing is for any home business owner or freelance writing business.

Proper business communication , and business writing are absolutely essential, if you want any chance at all in knowing how to succeed in your writing career, please check to overcome all your writing obstacles on the road to content creation.

Effective writing tips also include, website content writing, that make your words sell and making your knowledge sell.

Content Writing For Success Requires Making Your Words Sell

As a successful website owner since June 2009 with SiteBuildit, I have learned tremendously in my very successful online website business writing career, in my website content writing.

If you want to really maximize your writing for a living experience, you have to develop the creative visualization , in writing with impact, in making your words, thoughts, and your ideas sell to your visitors and potential customers.

Your Content Writing Must Be Good

In order to sell more, take my free marketing tips; you positively absolutely need to write better-period-end of story. You need to make the most productive use of words; words that address the needs and wants of your customers. Develop the creative visualization by seeing through to the needs, and wants of your visitors and would be customers.

If you are unsure about the quality of your content writing in your website writing career, then I recommend you download for free, SBI’s net writing masters course .

Put yourself in their shoes, from their vantage point NOT your own. The right words will overcome a mediocre look-and-feel. But use the wrong words, and even the most professional-looking site will be instantly destroyed. Take the time to make sure you have a good website first and foremost, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for a lot of dismal failures along the way. Make sure your website sells in its design, layout and content writing format first.

Successful Content Writing Requires Obtaining the Most Sought After Response From Your Visitors

If you’re developing an auction site or an affiliate marketing website for example, make sure your content writing spells out your most desired response, a sign up page for your potential customers, or a sales-rentals.sitesell site for your sales and rental leads.

Remember: CONTENT is KING. You must absolutely get this correct, your content writing must reflect your overall passion in your writing style.

Site Build It!

Down Load the free SBI e-book, how to make your content writing sell (make your website sell). In it you will learn the following:

How to set your Most Wanted Response

Developing Trust and Likeability

How to write powerful, compelling sales copy, startting with your biggest gun

Building a tight, simple-to-use, easy-to-navigate site
Two critical sales-builders — designing testimonial and guarantee pages that convince

Digital fulfillment — selling downloads such as e-books, reports, data, music, with ease and security!

The how to for other important sales-builders — forms, music, graphics, javascript, FAQs, etc., etc., etc.

Content Writing For Success Requires Self Discipline and Perseverance

Ok, you’ve identified a great product and/or service to promote which is great, but you also need the self discipline, and the self motivation in your website writing career, in following through with your content writing.

It’s taken me two years from when I first began my SBI journey in June 2009, with an Alexa ranking of over 8,500,000 then to under 1,000,00 today. Take a look at the Alex traffic test to see what I am talking about. You can see my traffic stats here about SBI .

I have learned much about content writing, in my writing for a living website since I began my SBI journey in June 2009.

The results, and the case studies were more than enough tangible proof for me, that I too could do this and succeed which I am doing now, and you can too.

The very webpage that you are on right now is earning me consistent monthly income, and has been doing so since April 2010. I earn consistently through advetising, referrals, affilates and direct products/and or services through my content writing website.

Whether your content writing website is about real estate, auctions, work at home moms, or retirees, make sure your website content writing gets your most desired response from your customer (the sale, the sign up, or the referral). And always make sure you follow the CTPM method in your content writing business, content, traffic, presell, monetize , the only way to truly succeed on the web in your writing career.

I recently have been contracting my professional writing services as a paid writing consultant with.

Take your time in developing a stellar website that overdelivers with your content writing, otherwise, you’ll be loosing out to the competition. You just develop the hope and faith in God, and in your God given abilities.

Remember: ”The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt”