Learn How to Write a Convincing Personal Statement

Wayne / 2019-06-04

A personal statement can have many uses. You write a personal statement when you apply for university, but you also write one for your CV. Irrespective of the reason why you write a personal statement, it is clear that its purpose is the same. Your personal statement should convince your readers that you are the right person for the position you apply. When you write your personal statement, you should start by summarizing your skills and experience. Moreover, you should also make sure that you stay relevant for the position you are applying to. Does it seem too complicated? Keep…

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Unemployment in America

Wayne / 2019-04-18

Introduction Unemployment, also called joblessness, is a state in which people do not have work yet they are diligently looking for jobs. Studies indicate that the biggest victims are the young people who after completing school do not find employment. The unemployment rate, which is stated in percentage form, is determined by dividing the total number of jobless people by the total number of those with jobs. According to research, in many nations, unemployment rates go up during times of recession. Such a situation was witnessed in 2011 when more than 200 million people worldwide found themselves jobless due to…

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How can a freelancer Get Connections in LinkedIn?

Wayne / 2019-03-28

Nowadays, everyone freelancer knows – or at least should know – that LinkedIn is an important networking and professional relationship tool. LinkedIn works as a social network focused on connecting professionals and promoting new opportunities in various areas of expertise – hence, your next project may very well come from one of your contacts. Still, opportunities don’t just arise out of the blue; particularly in the digital world, one has to get connections and through them, a new job may arise. But how to establish connections in LinkedIn? Begin by creating a LinkedIn profile and making it honest, direct and…

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Success rate of Deloitte

Wayne / 2019-02-07

Introduction Deloitte is an audit firm located in a strategic position for a good marketability and service provision. It engages in the financial engagement, including the assessments of most financial institutions and helps streamline financial coherence among many corporate institutions. Deloitte on its own is a giant financial-like institution and it attracts a global accolade ahead of its competitors. The success rate gets bigger as days go by due to its machinery in position in terms of its workforce and management skills. It has a good financial management strategy in place and effectively works around its efficient financial involvement such…

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Organization Change and Innovation

Wayne / 2018-12-12

Case Questions Question 1 According to Caluwé and Vermaak (2007), planned change comprises of preplanned actions aimed at a particular goal. As a store manager, there are steps that I can take to ensure that the planned change is successful. Since the need for change has already been identified, the first step would be setting the goals for change. For example, one of the goals may be to make the store more attractive for customers. The next step is to identify a change agent tasked with implementing the change. A poor choice at this stage can make it hard to…

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The Influence of Good Internship on Your Future Career

Wayne / 2018-11-16

A good internship can be a stepping stone to your professional career and your life in general. In most cases, students and trainees who take up internship opportunities with companies and organizations that are linked to their field of study often get the exposure they need to make reasonable professional and career choices. There are aid internships and those that do not provide any form of monetary compensation for services rendered. Whichever the case it may be, you are set to benefit the most from pursuing internships than avoiding them. You Get to Grow Your Network When you pursue an…

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What Are Your Career Goals and Job Goals in Life?

Wayne / 2014-06-29

Do you realize the average person will spend over 1/3 of their adult life working for a living? Since most people have to work for a living in order to support themselves and their families why shouldn’t you develop personal career goals career goals setting for yourself? Do you have an employee goal setting plan or career development plan for your business goals, and career goals objectives and know how to achieve them? How about any entrepreneurship aspirations? How will you stay on track in reaching your career goals, job goals or your employee goal setting plan in life? And how is your employee…

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Financial Planning Today for Tomorrows Money Management Needs

Wayne / 2014-06-02

Proverbs 22:7 states The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. How is Your Financial Planning Going? What does proper money management mean to you? Unless you were just awakened from a long coma, you no doubt are very much aware of the global economic meltdown which has affected all global economies in 2008. Proverbs 22:7 states The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. This is a very important bible verse that all of mankind should listen and take heed to regarding finances and debt. A lot of what has…

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College Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Academic and Career Challenges

Wayne / 2014-05-29

What is the state of Your Financial College Planning Needs? College planning and college financing for a college loan in 2011/2012 requires more investment of time and financial resources than it ever did before in a good global economy. with ever rising inflation costs, from gas, and basic commodities we use every day to the cost of services we pay for-including your goals in education, the costs of a college education require more planning now then it did 2 or even 3 years ago, for yours or your child’s goals in education and long-term career goals. When you are thinking of…

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Positive Attitude Requires a Positive Mindset

Wayne / 2014-05-29

Matthew 12:33-37- What We Say is but the Product of How and What We Think and Believe. Having a positive attitude  and proper positive thinking mindset is an absolute must not only if you want to know how to succeed in your job, in pursuing your career goals, and your business goals pursuits. But a positive attitude is also necessary for developing and nurturing many of your hopeful successful relationships as well, both in your personal as well as your professional life. After all, what you think about and focus reflects your values of who you are in life. Your Attitude is Everything…What IS Your Attitude…

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