Character Development Requires a Proper Attitude

Wayne / 2014-05-29

What is the state of Your Character Development?

Character development , positive thinking, a positive attitude, and a positive thinking, mindset are definite musts, if you ever hope to learn the secret in how to succeed, not just in your professional life-but in your personal life as well.

Think about this for a minute. You’re on a job interview, do you realize the person interviewing you most likely will already have developed an informed opinion about you in the first 2-3 minutes of the interview; and will already know whether or not you will even be recommended for the job?

Your attitude and character are no different in how you are presenting yourself for the entire world to see.

What subtle and damaging messages are you telling people around you, in pursuit of your career goals, in your business goals, or even in all your hopeful successful relationships at home and in your career?

Your character or lack of character defines more than anything else-who you are as a person; the very fabric of who you are-the essence of who you are as a human being and your values. What your character says about you-speaks loud and clear to the world around you as to whether you will succeed or end up in dismal failures throughout your life.

In my professional experience in providing goal setting/strategic planning for private industry and individuals (about me), character flaws and character building are top issues regarding one’s personal development growth in life.

Let me make a distinction, character development  or your character is not the same thing as your personality. Your personality defines your likes, and dislikes , whether you are shy, out-going, introverted, or reserved and serious in your demeanor, or a joking kind of person. Your character however-defines the bigger you , your biases, prejudice towards certain people, acceptance, intolerance, fairness, integrity, and ethical view points-etc.

How you interrelate with other human beings is what I’m talking about here. Only you can answer whether you need a character adjustment or not, but there are specific steps you can do now , in helping you in your character building in becoming the person that God intended for you to become.

Character Development Steps You Can Do Now….

Hope and Faith in God

Don’t worry, I’m not going to preach to you here, but as a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, my hope and faith is vitally important to me. Contrary to the world’s view, prayer is not a form of weakness but of strength.

I’m not going to preach to you in why or how to meditate to God, other than for you to consider and recognize the power of prayer and one’s faith as part of your overall arsenal in your personal development growth path.

Pray and ask God to help you in areas of your personal and professional life that you need to improve in-including your character building. Remember, the biggest room in the whole wide world is the room for self improvement , and self improvement is something all mankind needs more of-yourself and myself included here….


Listen to what others, your co-workers, your spouse, friends, or family members are saying about you. Value their input and straight forward business communication ,don’t brush off their critical assessment of you regarding your character.

Remember there is power in numbers. If many people are telling you the same thing about your character or lack thereof-it’s time to step up to the plate (using a baseball metaphor),and make the necessary improvements you need to make in becoming a better well rounded human being.


You need to make an effort in making the necessary changes that you need to make in improving your character. Please bear in mind, personal development and growth is a lifelong journey and commitment.

It requires both time and effort on your part in your character development and improvement. Allow yourself the time it will take. Bad habits are especially hard to break, so you need to be patient with yourself in allowing yourself the time you will need. It requires self motivation and self discipline on your part. At the end of the day, you are accountable and responsible to God and yourself. Do you communicate with 100% honesty and integrity, or does lying and deceitfulness define your character?

The site isn’t about providing every nuance and detail of what changes in your life you need to make-only you and God know what areas you need to improve.

If for example you have identified 5 specific areas in your character development to improve-make a short and long term personal development plan outlining specific action steps you will do each day or week.

Hold yourself accountable and tell a close friend, or family member-someone you can trust in your character development smart goals objectives.

Honesty really is the best policy. If you are honest with yourself, and make the daily weekly steps you need to make, you and others will notice a profound difference in your character. Remember life is a marathon not a race


Remember: “The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt”