Copywriting Jobs: How to Get Started as a Beginner (2022)

Wayne / 2022-05-10

But if you take a few calculated shots, take a break, then take a few more shots, consistently, THEN you’ll actually build up real experience sending out applications to the right people.

Ways to Land High Paying Freelance Copywriting Jobs

Becoming a copywriter is a natural option because it’s still writing (duh) but it also combines psychology and sales. It takes a little bit more finesse. And, well, it also pays a lot more, too.

Most people can’t just wave a magic wand and jump directly into copywriting. It takes more skill and practice and there’s also a learning curve. So it takes some time to build up the skillset and understanding of sales and persuasion techniques that make the great copywriters stand out.

We’ve got a big list of different approaches you can take to getting copywriting work. A lot of these you can do right now, today. And some are strategies that you’ll focus on for the long term. What you want to do, just like with any freelance writing job, is cast a wide net and have a lot of lines in the water. Is that too many fishing metaphors?

Is Copywriting a Good Career?

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Remote Copywriting Jobs: How Many Are There?

Potential Income as a Freelance Copywriter

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Source: PayScale

  • As an employee of a company. If the company is large enough, you will likely work in a marketing team. In a small company, you may be the marketing department, serving as writer and niche expert (among other roles).
  • As an employee of a digital marketing or advertising agency. The ad agency pursues clients who need excellent written content and don’t have the expertise in-house.
  • As the owner of your own freelance writing business. Being free to choose the work or client, manage your time, and work anywhere make this an attractive path.

copywriting jobs freelance copywriter average salary

Source: Ziprecruiter

Can You Actually Make Money Copywriting?

However, despite what you might read elsewhere, it will take a while to build the portfolio, reputation, and client base needed to make a significant income from this work.

Where Intermediate Writers Can Find Freelance Copywriting Jobs

These are tactics you can use to go from scraping the bottom of the barrel to landing the sort of jobs that will actually pay the bills and not burn you out.

Copywriting Jobs for Intermediate Writers – Tactic #1: Job Boards


It’s where many big brands go to look for reliable talent. The jobs that get posted here are legit, from the pay to the chance to work with a great business.

It is a paid site – don’t let that turn you off. Many people will think “Oh well if all this is free on other job boards, then why should I bother paying anything here?”

The truth is, the quality of these listings are automatically much, much better than the average gig you’ll find on the other sites like ProBlogger and the others I mentioned earlier.

Keep in mind – FlexJobs is not just for copywriters. They offer all sorts of different gigs in different fields. I’m pointing this out because it’s good to have options while you’re building your business.

I have a friend who lives in the Carribean and works as a QA tester for big banks. This gig has been going on for 5+ years, it pays great, and it allows her to work from wherever she wants – and she got it through FlexJobs.

I’m a big believer in being careful with your money as you’re building your business. There’s no way you should be throwing money around willy nilly at tools that might or might not make a difference.

To me, investing in a job board like FlexJobs makes a lot of sense because it takes care of one of the biggest hurdles for growing freelancers – the quality of jobs they’re able to get.

So if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, FlexJobs is definitely worth at least trying out. Spend the $7, give yourself a week, and dive deep on what they have to offer.


It’s a little more niche than FlexJobs, but it also offers up access to a number of great jobs. You’ll see far fewer listings than any other job board, but they’re good ones and often are set up like retainer deals.

III. Recommendations and Referrals

Referral business is always some of the best. Referrals are somewhat ‘pre-vetted’, in that you have come recommended as someone else’s ‘trusted source’ as opposed to being introduced cold. Whether you’re being referred by a friend, family member, former client, or just someone who happened upon your work or profile and thought you might be a good fit- you instantly go from being an option to being a real consideration.

And don’t wait for the recommendations to come to you! When you’ve wrapped up a job for a client, don’t be afraid to ask for new business. In the ‘thank you’ note you send them upon completion of the job (yes, you should absolutely do that!), let them know that you enjoyed working with them and would love to be considered for any future projects they may have coming up. You can also ask them to refer you within their own circles. Happy (current and former) clients make great brand ambassadors because they’re proud to let others know what a great job you did for them. And we all know that a recommendation laced with personal experience is far stronger than a mere suggestion.

Getting paid for online writing jobs

Once you’ve found the online writing jobs and agreed on a rate and time frame, you simply need to carry out the instructions. Type up the articles, blog posts, or website content, then email everything back to the client. Clients will normally respond by sending you funds via PayPal (some writers will ask for this up-front when taking on online writing jobs).

future work in online writing jobs

PayPal does take a slight cut, but its convenience makes it the preferred option for the vast majority. That said, if you use a platform like Upwork, the transaction might be handled there.

Either way, you can get funds into your account by the end of your first working day. Then it’s a matter of deciding how much work you want to do, how much you can write in a day, and how to charge. This will likely increase as you take on higher-profile work.

Closing comments

So, what do you think? Are online writing jobs right for you? Will you be trying your hand at copywriting? Let us know in the comments down below, and be sure to share your tips with the rest of our readers. Good luck!