How can a freelancer Get Connections in LinkedIn?

Wayne / 2019-03-28

Nowadays, everyone freelancer knows – or at least should know – that LinkedIn is an important networking and professional relationship tool. LinkedIn works as a social network focused on connecting professionals and promoting new opportunities in various areas of expertise – hence, your next project may very well come from one of your contacts. Still, opportunities don’t just arise out of the blue; particularly in the digital world, one has to get connections and through them, a new job may arise.

But how to establish connections in LinkedIn?

Begin by creating a LinkedIn profile and making it honest, direct and organized so to increase your chances of being viewed and attract potential clients and new opportunities.


Below are some key points for you to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive and get connected with potential customers and business partners.


Keep your profile updated

Needless to say, keeping your profile up to date is one of the key points for people to find you. When you change something in your profile it will appear on your follower’s feeds and thus keep you visible. Also, by updating job positions, completed courses, and skills you help others find you in keyword-based searches. Therefore, be sure to mention all your skills and experiences.

Create relevant content

LinkedIn is no place for posting memes, complaints or daily selfies doesn’t cut. Instead, share updates of your portfolio, developments on a current project, published texts, and news about your field of activity. There is even a LinkedIn tool that allows you to publish your own content as if it were a blog – so make use of it.

Use profile visualization tools

As one of LinkedIn’s features is the option to see who has been through your profile, which can be an incredible tool to use for getting in touch with different professionals in the market. After all, if someone you don’t know has come to your profile it is likely that they are for people with your type of skills or qualifications. So, whatever you do don’t be afraid of networking – that is the purpose of LinkedIn. Use your profile and all tools available on the platform to connect, send messages, show your work, mention that you are looking for freelancing gigs, and make yourself available for coffee.


Reach out to fellow freelancers

Another key aspect of LinkedIn profile views are the graphs it shows with the number of people that have visited your profile lately, as well as views from people in your network who have the same employer or similar professional profiles. This is a great opportunity to add people who appear to have similar professional experiences and interests as you, so as to expand your network of contacts with potential partners or customers. You will be surprised by the number of new possibilities that can arise.

Upgrade to a Premium account

As all freelancers who work with different platforms and software probably know, the best things usually come with a price. On LinkedIn, in order to send messages to people who are not in your list of contacts, view more profiles and highlight your profile for freelancing vacancies, you will have to pay for a Premium account.  Nonetheless, this can be seen as an investment since you may end up being rewarded with a new customer or project.


Advertise yourself

Finally, it is worth repeating the importance of advertising yourself; of being actively engaged on the platform, reaching out to other people and spreading the word about your current projects, skills and experiences. This will help people to remember you and the service you offer the next time they need something done.