How to Develop a Self Motivation Mindset

Wayne / 2013-12-07

Self Motivation Begins and Ends With You…

How do you develop self motivation  skills, and more importantly-how do you stay 100% focused in seeing the creative visualization, that is necessary for you to accomplish your tasks at hand?

It seems that man is always in the pursuit of the “Holy Grail” of proven self motivational tips, techniques, and strategies that have been proven effective. The question is-will they work for you?

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to lose weight and have specific weight loss goals, or on the job pursuing your career goals.

Self motivation is needed in all aspects of your business goals objectives in life, and without you are just existing, not living your life to its full God given potential.

But in order for you to be successful in knowing how to succeed , you must develop the proper mindset, have a positive attitude, and have specific goal objectives in order to be successful.

You can have 10 people on a certain diet plan, all reading the same self motivational articles, and books and yet you may have 10 different outcomes when all individuals are doing the same thing. Why is this? As human beings we are all different, not only physically but intellectually-cognitively as well.
Man is basically lazy, and will rather take the path of least resistance .

The problem with a lot of the self help, self motivational tools currently available on-line and offline is that most authors approach this topic as a “one-size fits all” approach when there are varying degrees of cognitive and intellectual reasoning and processes that are in play.

We are all different human beings with varying learning levels. Therefore, why should setting goals for yourself be any different? The reality is that most people will never accomplish their goals and dreams due to the fear that controls them along with a lack of self confidence.

Fear, lack of self confidence, and lack of faith are the number one reasons most people never accomplish much in life-yet alone their personal goals. It’s not that they lack self motivation; they suffer from self-defeatism-their ship is sunk long before they pull out of the harbor! Call it low self esteem, or other factors. People lack the hope and faith and belief in God and in their God given abilities that is required to press forward, in using creative visualization in manifesting their goals.

You need a completely different mind-set and positive attitude set on full throttle in order to be motivated enough to want to accomplish your goals in life. Your goals are there for you to tackle head on-but how do you develop a positive attitude, self motivation and might I add, the self discipline , that is required in order to accomplish your life goals? What separates you from the rest of society?

Motivation Tips and Strategies

a) Develop a “Winner’s Mentality”

You must start believing in yourself from the very beginning that you will NOT QUIT and give up in your quest. Do you know what the difference between a Winner and Quitter is? Winner’s never quit. yes this may sound too cliché but it is the truth. It may take you 2-3 or more times in effort but you will eventually get there as long as you DO NOT QUIT, have the faith in God and yourself, and not give in to your failures.

b) Faith and Belief

Hope and faith in God, and believing that He will give you the self confidence in accomplishing what you need to do is powerful. But you must believe it first. Pray to Him, and ask Him how to meditate.

God does hear your prayers but you have to have the faith first. Only when your faith is tested can real spiritual growth and character development take place.

c) Be Realistic

If you expect to have a new car, job, and to be married by 25 and you are currently 21 not having completed college yet-then focus on one area that you can tackle immediately. In this example finish your education first. Many people set way too many goals with unrealistic time-lines and thereby never finish anything because they’re set up to fail from the very beginning. They are not motivated due to too many competing goals and timelines. You need to develop smart goals,in your goal setting process.

d) Share your smart goals or Idea

Communicate your smart goals with someone that is a close friend, spouse etc that can be an advocate for you in your progress-an encourager or even a life coach. This person can be your motivator/mentor that can help you be accountable to yourself as you set out to accomplish your task goals.

You then need to prioritize your smart goals into short term and long term tasks. Remember that goals are never static, but ever changing and evolving as your values and priorities change. What you valued as a key goal-6 months or longer, may not be reflective of today’s priorities. Therefore always review your goal plan at least once a year and develop the creative visualization for developing new goals as your priorities in life change.

e) Expect more from Yourself

Don’t fall for the self defeatism, self doubting, fear oriented self image.

You are different, you can do this but you have to believe in God and in your God given abilities.

You alone are your best Friend and Worst Enemy-Think about it! It is always good practice to communicate your smart goals about self-improvement with someone who is a close friend, spouse or an advocate.

Remember, the biggest room in the entire world is the room called self improvement.


Remember: Your Ability is only limited by your inability to take action…