Importance of training and development in an airline organization

Wayne / 2020-01-23

In every organization, the people forms part of the heart of that institution. Every institution craves for the individuals of higher caliber in the job performance. Airline just like any other organization would wish to have the same. The training and development increases the skills and knowledge required to move the organization to the higher standards. The airline operations require continuous skills on the changing world business and the continuous customer demands. In this case, the training proved the employees with the new skills to manage their client satisfaction.( Aguinis and Kraige 2009)

There is high competition on the air transport also involve a number of innovations to outclass other competitors in the market. The best way to achieve this is by continued leaning that promote new skills and technologies to make the organization stable and reliable in the market. Training improves performance among the employees as it help highlight weaknesses. The employees also have the job satisfaction that is very essential in the job output.

Gulf air training

The organization was founded in 1950, owned by the kingdom of Bahrain and the only major Pan Gulf Carrier in the Middle East region. The organization maintains it regional, geographical and cultural values that has kept them over the centuries and still proving to be the strongest in the region. The gulf air network currently stretches from Europe to Asia with 40 cities in 26 countries around the world. The organization boasts of high service quality including innovative, uniqueness winning Sky Chefs and Sky Nannies.( Helmreich, et al.1999).

Direct entry pilots

The entry requirement for this scheme is license. The individuals with the license are the ones who can apply for the direct entry pilot. The license is attached with the latter of experience of flying in commercial aviation industry. The entry is open for both non-type and type rated pilots.

The successful candidates are invited to Bahrain for two days assessment and interviews session and the group discussions and psychometric testing. The successful candidates are also required to have their license with current medical certificate, up to date log book in addition to supplementary training certificate.  The letter of authentication from current regulating authority, name of two referees which must be either current employer or former employer, the HPL certificate , passport and copies of the above documents.

The flight attendants

The Flight attendants benefit preparing group support and upgrade the differences and the solid client benefit and interpersonal abilities of our Flight Chaperons, who have been chosen to convey the conventional warm Middle Eastern neighborliness to our clients. Our main goal is to offer really Bedouin cordiality through bona fide and deferential administration, gladly given to make a customized travel encounter that will amaze and charm each Inlet Air visitor.


Before you begin flying, you’ll experience a serious eight week preparing program in our preparation school in Bahrain. It covers everything from medical aid, security and crisis systems preparing, and client benefit, on board item learning, social mindfulness, collaboration, decisiveness preparing and prepping guidelines. This comprises of hypothetical classroom guideline, reasonable pretends and at work preparing. There is a lot of chance all through preparing to exhibit the aptitudes you learn in our taunt up airplane.

Toward the end of the eight weeks, on the off chance that you have achieved all the required principles, you’ll be granted your “Wings” as a full individual from the Inlet Air group and be prepared to begin flying.

Openings exist for brilliant, driven, gifted people to advance their vocation through advancement. The main level of advancement is to advance to working in our Business Class lodge as a right hand and in light of execution; Flight Specialists are then chosen to work as the culinary specialist’s associate in the Top of the line lodge. Flight Specialists then have the chance to assume liability for a specific lodge, for example, Economy or Business Class. Facilitate on, with critical experience, you might be qualified to wind up Lodge Benefit Administrator, dealing with the whole in-flight benefit. This is the most senior part with Flight Specialists, and requires administration and authority abilities.

There are open doors for Flight attendants to seek after different parts and interests inside the aircraft. Flight Orderlies can get to be included in preparing, enlistment, in-flight reviewing, acting as advancement counselors or being a piece of Bay Air’s limited time group, frequently close by their flying obligations. For instance, the Business Track program empowers experienced Bay national Flight Chaperons to have the chance to move into Deals Official parts. This activity influences their solid client benefit, interpersonal aptitudes and item information and permits them to seek after an alternate vocation way using these abilities.


Sky chefs

The chefs considered are completely qualified and have as of now been prepared at a portion of the world’s top eateries. We don’t offer a culinary specialist preparing program. However our Sky Culinary experts will get in flight preparing preceding flying.


Before you begin flying, you’ll experience a serious six week preparing program in our preparation school in Bahrain. It covers everything from medical aid, wellbeing and crisis methods preparing, client benefit, on board item information, social mindfulness, collaboration, emphasizes preparing and prepping benchmarks. This comprises of both hypothetical classroom guideline and at work preparing. There is a lot of chance all through preparing to show the aptitudes you learn in our ridicule up air ship.

Toward the end of the six weeks, expecting you’ve achieved all the required guidelines, you’ll be granted your “Wings” as a full individual from the Bay Air group and be prepared to begin flying.

Performance appraisal

It refers to the annual review of the employees overall contribution to the organization by the manger.  It is also known as the annual reviews on the evaluation of the employee’s skills and achievements in relation to the growth of the company. Murphy and Cleveland,(1991).

Purpose or performance appraisal

One of the many advantages of execution evaluation is, in the surge and clamor of working life, it offers an uncommon shot for a manager and subordinate to have to examination offers an important chance to concentrate on work exercises and objectives, to distinguish and rectify existing issues, and to empower better future execution. At that point by products of individual effect, the execution of the entire is upgraded.

Inspiration and Satisfaction

Execution evaluation can profoundly affect levels of worker inspiration and fulfillment – for better and also in negative ways.

Execution examination gives representatives with acknowledgment to their work endeavors. The force of social acknowledgment as an impetus has been for some time noted. Truth be told, there is confirmation that people will significantly incline toward antagonistic acknowledgment in inclination to no acknowledgment by any means. Murphy and Cleveland,(1991).

In the case of nothing else, the presence of an examination program shows to a representative that the association is truly keen on their individual execution and improvement. This alone can impact the individual’s feeling of worth, responsibility and having a place.

The quality and predominance of this normal human craving for individual acknowledgment ought not be ignored. Non-appearance and turnover rates in a few associations may be extraordinarily decreased if more consideration were paid to it. Standard execution evaluation, at any rate, is a decent begin.

Preparing and Development

Execution examination offers a superb open door – maybe the best that will ever happen – for a boss and subordinate to perceive and concur upon individual preparing and improvement needs.

Amid the examination of a worker’s work execution, the nearness or nonattendance of work abilities can turn out to be extremely self-evident – even to the individuals who constantly dismiss preparing for them!

Execution evaluation can make the requirement for preparing additionally squeezing and important by connecting it unmistakably to execution results and future profession desires.

From the perspective of the association all in all, solidified evaluation information can shape a photo of the general interest for preparing. This information might be broke down by factors, for example, sex, office, and so forth. In this regard, execution evaluation can give a customary and effective preparing needs review for the whole association.

Enlistment and Induction

Evaluation information can be utilized to screen the accomplishment of the association’s enrollment and acceptance rehearses. For instance, how well are the representatives performing who were contracted in the previous two years?

Evaluation information can likewise be utilized to screen the viability of changes in enrollment procedures. By taking after the yearly information identified with new contracts (and given adequate numbers on which to base the investigation) it is conceivable to evaluate whether the general nature of the workforce is enhancing, remaining unfaltering, or declining.

Representative Evaluation

Despite the fact that frequently downplayed or even denied, assessment is an authentic and significant target of execution examination.

In any case, the need to assess (i.e to judge) is additionally a progressing wellspring of pressure, since evaluative and formative needs appear to as often as possible conflict. However at its most essential level, execution examination is the way toward looking at and assessing the execution of a person.

In spite of the fact that associations have an unmistakable right – some would state an obligation – to lead such assessments of execution, many still backlash from the thought. To them, the express procedure of judgment can dehumanize and disheartening and a wellspring of nervousness and misery to representatives.

It is said by some that execution examination can’t serve the necessities of assessment and improvement in the meantime; it must be either.

In any case, there might be an adequate center ground, where the need to assess representatives dispassionately, and the need to empower and create them, can be adjusted.

The performance criteria and standards

The Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network

has built up an evaluation approach that draws on discernments and optional information (i.e., archives) to survey the execution of associations with an attention on their frameworks, practices, and practices (or limits). The practice is utilized to empower discourse among benefactors and multilateral associations about approaches to upgrade hierarchical adequacy

Evaluating report

The continuous collection of the report through the year and analyzing them as the year ends to get the actual output of the employees are usually used to make such judgment.

Performance Appraisal Methods

The rating scale technique offers a high level of structure for examinations. Every representative attribute or trademark is evaluated on a bipolar scale that generally has a few focuses going from poor to fantastic. The qualities surveyed on these scales incorporate representative properties, for example, participation, correspondences capacity, activity, timeliness and specialized (work abilities) skill. The nature and extent of the characteristics chose for consideration is constrained just by the creative ability of the scale’s creator, or by the association’s have to know.

The one noteworthy arrangement in selecting qualities is that they ought to be somehow applicable to the appraisee’s occupation. The characteristics chose by a few associations have been imprudent and have brought about legitimate activity on the grounds of segregation.

Performance Tests and Observations With a predetermined number of occupations, execution evaluations might be founded on a trial of information or aptitudes. These tests are especially suitable when an organization depends on a compensation for-learning or pay-for-aptitudes way to deal with pay, remunerating workers fundamentally on the premise of the abilities or occupation information they have aced. The test might be of the paper-and-pencil assortment or may require a genuine exhibition of abilities. The t est must be solid and validatedto be helpful. That being said, it is more adept to quantify potential than execution. For the strategy to be occupation related, perceptions ought to be made under conditions that are probably going to be experienced. Reasonableness may endure if the expenses of test improvement or organization are high. Pilot training programs


Pilots at all significant carriers are liable to assessment via aircraft raters and the Federal Aviation Administration. Assessments of flying capacity are generally made in a pilot training program and in .actuat flight. Tile assessment depends on how well the pilot takes after endorsed flight methods and wellbeing rules. In spite of the fact that testing is costly, open security makes this approach commonsense notwithstanding being occupation related and institutionalized

The Performance Appraisal Interview ; the execution examination prepare and includes the worker and his or her director sitting up close and personal to talk about beat up all parts of the representative’s execution and explode any distinctions in observation or assessment. The execution examination meet gives the representative an opportunity to shield himself or herself against poor assessment by the director furthermore allows the chief to clarify what he or she supposes about the worker’s execution.

More or less, the execution examination meet goes before the standardization procedure and is resulting to the worker topping off the assessment shape and the chief in like manner doing as such. The meeting is the phase where both sides level headed discussion and contend the workers’ side of the story and also the supervisor’s observation

Problems with performance appraisal

Managers regularly don’t have or don’t set aside a few minutes to finish them in a legit, open way. What’s more, without doing as such, that implies that they won’t be as precise or as accommodating as they ought to be.

Indeed, even in the best of conditions, execution examinations will be subjective, and every administrator will convey his or her own inclinations to the procedure, thwarting the capacity to think about results.

Nobody likes to give others negative criticism, which frequently implies issues, will get papered over or left out altogether.

Frameworks regularly don’t get redesigned to reflect genuine objectives, particularly in today’s surroundings where objectives change much quicker than yearly. That leaves a circumstance in which a representative is being investigated on things that are entirely or somewhat insignificant


Gulf Air’s Current Performance Appraisal System

The system redefines staff responsibility and accountability and introduces clear objectives and deliverables, measured by the airline’s performance appraisal system to gauge productivity and efficiency, and to ensure performance-linked career progression. All payments are considered once a year, using our compulsory performance based merit reviews and subject to the commercial success of the airline. It is in line with the airline’s business strategy to make Gulf Air a commercially sustainable airline on track. The system ensures fair and equitable compensation and benefits for all but also encourage every employee to perform with greater responsibility to make Gulf Air a successful national entity that we all can be proud of.

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