Positive Thinking for Optimal Development

Wayne / 2014-05-29

There are probably more articles and books written about positive thinking  and thought process and attitude in general, then on any other self help topic in personal development-denoting cognitive reasoning and learning. I am not going to provide for you-a college planning text book definition on the “how tos” of positive attitude and positive thinking, and how you internalize this process in making it part of you in your personal development. Like anything else in life, developing the proper positive thinking mindset requires self discipline and a whole lot of hope and faith in God and in your own abilities in bringing about the changes…

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What are Your Business Goals and Career Goals?

Wayne / 2014-02-17

Having over 12 years of experience in developing strategic plan and business goals, working with various private and non-profit organizations. am always surprised to observe how few-many organizations only seem willing to involve senior program staff when setting goals in their respective organizations. However, during the business planning process, organizations need to develop smart goals for both their long term and short term goal planning. If it is generally assumed and agreed that staff employees are the general backbone and success of any organization. Why then would they not be involved in setting business goals or involved in the business…

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How to Develop a Self Motivation Mindset

Wayne / 2013-12-07

Self Motivation Begins and Ends With You… How do you develop self motivation  skills, and more importantly-how do you stay 100% focused in seeing the creative visualization, that is necessary for you to accomplish your tasks at hand? It seems that man is always in the pursuit of the “Holy Grail” of proven self motivational tips, techniques, and strategies that have been proven effective. The question is-will they work for you? It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to lose weight and have specific weight loss goals, or on the job pursuing your career goals. Self motivation is needed in all aspects of your business…

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