Positive Attitude Requires a Positive Mindset

Wayne / 2014-05-29

Matthew 12:33-37- What We Say is but the Product of How and What We Think and Believe.

Having a positive attitude  and proper positive thinking mindset is an absolute must not only if you want to know how to succeed in your job, in pursuing your career goals, and your business goals pursuits.

But a positive attitude is also necessary for developing and nurturing many of your hopeful successful relationships as well, both in your personal as well as your professional life. After all, what you think about and focus reflects your values of who you are in life.

Your Attitude is Everything…What IS Your Attitude Saying About You?

In my course of 10 plus years (about me), in providing goal setting and developing many a strategic plan for private businesses and individuals.

I cannot begin to tell you just how important having a positive attitude, positive attitude, and embracing a positive thinking mindset in general, and the impact this can have on your overall outlook on life.

Your attitude and demeanor from very early on in life, begin to define who you are as an individual (good bad or indifferent). Your attitude more readily defines you as a person then your social or employment status. However the corporate blame-game culture of our present day societies seems to put less value on individual responsibility and blame others for their misfortunes and failures in life.

Maybe you too were wronged, the broken relationship or your failures in your once happy marriage, which you now blame on someone else, was someone else’s fault and not your responsibility.

The big job promotion that was yours for the taking was given to a fellow colleague, and you were wrongfully denied the promotion. Your child did not get into the college of their choice and now your college planning hopes are dashed because of unfair college admission rules. Do you see the dangerous pattern here in this negative thinking? Perhaps you can even identify with this scenario?

Maintaining a Positive Attitude Requires Self Discipline and Having the Hope and faith in God Approach to Life

Life is difficult enough for all of us, and I’ll admit that you cannot control the circumstances and the events that go on around you and impact you day to day. I am no different. You’re going to work and someone cuts you off at the exit, or you get in an argument with a coworker that spews into hatred name calling and accusations.

You get in a fight with your family, girl-friend or your wife. Although you cannot control the events that impact your life, you can control how you react to events that affect you , that is the difference. How are you doing in this area?

Matthew 12:33-37- What We Say is but the Product of How and What We Think and Believe. This is a powerful verse, the bible is clear on this, if you believe in evil, and embrace an anti-God anything goes mentality, you will reap what you sow. Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. Galatians 6:7.

If you doubt the truth of this passage, just take a look around at the world you live in. I’ll guarantee you that if the world was obeying God’s biblical commands you would find that the world’s inhabitants (us) would all know how to be happy and enjoy real and lasting contentment in their lives. Maybe you too…

Ask God to help you in changing your negative attitude to a positive attitude and positive thinking mindset.

Ask God how to meditate and pray to Him. If you only have the faith, it is possible for you to be transformed into the person that God created you to become.

Don’t allow the world’s definition of a me-first mentality at everyone else’s expense, determine how you are to live your life and act. Be a sower of good thoughts, motives, deeds, and biblically based living.

It’s your Attitude, not your Aptitude which determines your Altitude in Life.

Remember: ”The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt”