Positive Thinking for Optimal Development

Wayne / 2014-05-29

There are probably more articles and books written about positive thinking  and thought process and attitude in general, then on any other self help topic in personal development-denoting cognitive reasoning and learning.

I am not going to provide for you-a college planning text book definition on the “how tos” of positive attitude and positive thinking, and how you internalize this process in making it part of you in your personal development.

Like anything else in life, developing the proper positive thinking mindset requires self discipline and a whole lot of hope and faith in God and in your own abilities in bringing about the changes you want to see in your own life, and the self motivation to keep you on track.

In many ways, developing a proper positive thinking way of life is no different than language learning or how to ride and operate a motorcycle.

You have probably heard this saying before, but I believe it is worth mentioning again-especially in context of positive thinking.

In life, 10% of what happens to you is life itself, and 90% is how you react to what happens to you, this is a powerful concept.

You control yourself, your thoughts and actions and your positive attitude.

You decide when you wake up in the morning what kind of day it is going to be-Good or Bad. It is your choice to make alone-think about it!

4 Rules To Apply For Optimal Positive Thinking

Rule # 1 You must be willing to change your negative attitude-This is paramount for your emotional wellness and optimal mental health in becoming the person that God wants you to becme. If your mind is full of negativity, bad thoughts, and poor self esteem, you will never accomplish anything of importance because you are in self defeatism mode giving in to your many failures in life. Thinking Limitation Determines Your Destination.

How can you ever hope to learn and grow in anything if your mind is full of negative influences? Your mind and thought process must be reprogrammed to operate on positive thought mode. Personal development requires a positive attitude if you want to fully change for optimal personal as well as career professional development.

Is it easy-of course not, it will take time and a WHOLE lot of EFFORT on your part. There is no “magic bullet” in re-programming yourself to think happy thoughts. Use creative visualization for the new house you want to be in, the new career, or your new work at home business idea that you have. You have got to be willing to change in becoming the better YOU that you are capable of becoming…

Rule # 2 There are no good or bad days in life-There are only good or bad attitudes in how you respond to your day and how you react to things around you. This is so very important. In the course of 24 hours which is all the time any of us have in a day, you really only have two choices regarding your positive attitude. You are what you think… What are you thinking…..?

Will you chose to have a good and positive attitude, or a negative and bad attitude and mental mindset? It can’t get any simpler than this. Sure-there will be events, people, circumstances during the course of your day which can and will “predispose” you to react one way or the other-but YOU and YOU alone are still in charge! You alone are responsible in how you will react and embrace your day. Will you Act or will you React to stimuli around you?

Will your positive thinking and positive attitude rule the day or negativitiy? Will you allow good pleasant thoughts and positive visualization to enter your mind, or will you allow it to be hijacked by your negative thoughts, and negative attitude? if you want to know the secret in How to be happy in life, frist begins with your attitude.

Rule#3 Write down on a note pad or sticky pad, up-lifting statements and put them on the wall, on your mirror in your bathroom, on the refrigerator. Read these statements and creative visualization statements aloud and commit them to your life-and accepting them as your own. If you can believe it you can achieve it. Conversely, if you don’t believe you WILL, more likely than not you WON’T…

Refuse to submit and yield to your negative thoughts and negative attitude. Positive affirmation is a powerful tool if you believe it can and will transform you into a more happier, more fulfilled and productive YOU.

Rule# 4 The Power of Positive Attraction–Read

articles and books on successful people in life, what makes these successful people different from you and the rest of society? What one number one thing separates these individuals from the rest of society? Their attitude! If you want to know How to succeed, you first need to embrace a positive attitude mindset.

Successful people have chosen to associate with positive like-minded people and not to allow the “nay-sayers” of the world beat them down. They have risen above because they commit to believing in themselves, have a positive attitude and healthy thinking mindset, which has enabled them to be the very best and productive person that they can be.

Rule # 5 The Power of Faith and Prayer in Positive Thinking This point should actually be listed number 1, the power of hope and faith. How to learn positive thinking and positive attitude goes hand in hand with learning how to meditate and pray.

As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I firmly believe unless your heart and mind are right with the Almighty God, nothing you can do will influence one iota your mental attitude and outlook on life.

Basically you reap what you sow. The bible is clear on this.

Ask God to help you; the power of prayer and faith cannot be over estimated and is a powerful driving force which will influence not only your attitude, but your entire outlook and meaning of life.

Allow God’s truth touch your heart and your mind. Your life is waiting….

Remember: ”The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt”