What Are Your Career Goals and Job Goals in Life?

Wayne / 2014-06-29

Do you realize the average person will spend over 1/3 of their adult life working for a living? Since most people have to work for a living in order to support themselves and their families why shouldn’t you develop personal career goals career goals setting for yourself?

Do you have an employee goal setting plan or career development plan for your business goals, and career goals objectives and know how to achieve them? How about any entrepreneurship aspirations?

How will you stay on track in reaching your career goals, job goals or your employee goal setting plan in life? And how is your employee motivation coming along?

Write Down on Paper Your Short and Long Term Goals…

Number #1 Discover What Your Career Goals, Job goals and Purpose in life Is… You need to sit down and reflect, using your positive thinking and your positive attitude to decide what you want your career goals, job goals in life to be…

What is Your Life Purpose and your personal mission statement in your life? Why are you here? What do you want your life to be like? What is your passion and driving force in your life? Remember that you will be spending over one-third of your life at work. Hint: Ensure your career goals and job goals reflect your true purpose and passion in life!

Number# 2 What are your employee career goals and objectives? What are your talents, interests, hobbies and passions? You should first start by making a list of all your talents, skills, strengths and abilities.

You should also include all the things that you are good at, or that come easily to you. In addition, what about any specialized knowledge that you possess; what degree do you hold? What area is your degree in? Are you an expert in a particular topic or field?

Number# 3 What are your driving values in life? Think about this for a moment…remember your driving values really determine the aspects of your job goals or career goals that provide the most satisfaction, and fulfillment for you.

Understanding your driving values in your life can help you to make the best career goal choices, based on-what is right for you. But you also need to possess the self motivation, and the self discipline to make things happen. Action does not happen in a vacuum.

Here are some examples of common driving values:

• Income – Making money

• Power – Ability to take action (start something, make something happen)

• Influence – Ability to influence or direct others

• Variety – Work on a variety of different things, use different knowledge & skills

• Lifestyle – Free time to pursue interests

• Autonomy – Make own decisions, choices, direction

• Intellectual Challenge – Solve problems, complexity, thinking

• Altruism – Do something that will benefit others

• Security – Financial responsibilities/taken care of

• Recognition – Being recognized by others for your work

• Affiliation – Working with others, networking, groups, social

• Leadership – Ability to lead/guide others, mentorship

• Achievement – Accomplishing something significant

• Mastery – Becoming very good at something

• Growth – Opportunity to develop talents, abilities, knowledge

• Advancement – Opportunity to advance in career

• Responsibility – Being responsible for an outcome

• Environment – Having a pleasant & comfortable environment

• Status – Personal status (title), prestige of firm, etc.

•Contribution – Contributing to something bigger than yourself

• Freedom – Freedom to do what you want, when you want

• Fulfillment – Work that you find rewarding

Identify the top 10 values that you consider to be most important in choosing the best job goal or career goals for yourself. After choosing your top 10, rank them from 1 to 10. Use this list to help you make future decisions about your career goals so that they are based on what is most important for you.

Number#4 Develop Your Strategic Career Plan – A strategic career plan is a document that combines all the elements we’ve described above that includes

• Mission Statement -2-3 sentences that clearly and concisely states your purpose and life mission

• Your Vision- Your vision for the next 3-5 years as it pertains to your career

• Develop Your Values-What are your passions and motivations for your life?

•Your guiding principles-These are your core beliefs that govern your life from ethical issues to everything else in between.

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